Callaway GBB Epic Sub Zero Driver Review
    © Callaway Golf

    The Callaway GBB Epic Sub Zero Driver retails for $499.99 (MSRP) and it’s basically identical to its kin, the Epic, except from a few minor tweaks. The looks are the same, but the Callaway GBB Epic Sub Zero Driver is more forgiving than the vanilla version, whilst maintaining the epic distance in the company’s lowest spinning driver to date. According to Callaway, this baby marks a paradigm shift, being a low spinning yet powerful Tour level driver which doesn’t compromise in terms of forgiveness and that’s a real joy, as it makes for an unheard of melange of qualities. The main characteristic of the Callaway GBB Epic Sub Zero Driver is represented by its high speed low spin behavior, which is particularly appealing to Tour professionals.

    However, considering its exceptional forgiveness, the Callaway GBB Epic Sub Zero Driver will be great for a wide variety of players, not to mention that it’s also incredibly easy to launch. Basically, regardless of your skill level, playing this bad boy will be a pleasure. As I already told you, the main difference between the regular Epic and the Sub Zero is the fact that the latter is more forgiving, due to its 8500g/cm² moment of inertia, which makes it a unicorn considering today’s driver market. There’s also a slight difference regarding their adjustability systems, which are aimed at 2 distinct group of golf players. The GBB Epic Sub Zero will be ideal for those who shoot straight and they’re looking to get the most yardage from their drivers. Using the interchangeable weights, you can control the trajectory and the spin off the driver by modifying the MOI fairly easily.