Callaway GBB Epic Driver Review
    © Callaway Golf

    The Callaway GBB Epic Driver retails for $499.99 and as its name suggests, it makes for an epic shift when it comes to golf related technologies, being designed for enhancing power via how the head and the face interact. Callaway really hit the nail on the head with this baby, using their latest and greatest technologies, the likes of Jailbreak and the Exo Cage triaxial carbon construction. Yes indeed, they sound very cool and badass, but long story short, regardless of your skill level, you should be able to achieve more distance, speed and control with the Callaway GBB Epic Driver. At least in theory. However, practice makes perfect and after playing a few rounds with this driver, I must admit that even if the Callaway GBB Epic is one of the most hyped (ever) pieces of golf gear, it really lives up to its name. Exceptional performance, insanely good feel and drop dead gorgeous looks are the quintessential features of this Epic driver. Some say that the 2017 Callaway GBB Epic Driver is the best looking in the industry and even if there are quite a few good looking drivers out there, i.e. the competition is fierce, I must admit that would be difficult to argue on this one.

    The driver is round, with a symmetrical shape and a high tech carbon fiber crown. The black and metallic neon green looks fabulous and it’s definitely a head turner. When it comes to performance, I must say that the Callaway GBB Epic Driver is love at first hit, as basically any shot feels rock solid and due to the way the crown is designed and built, the face feels very strong through the shot, like reinforced, winning the compression battle against the ball. There’s also a 2 weight system put into place, which helps with adjusting the driver’s CG thus changing both the feel and the performance as per one’s unique requirements. Bottom line, the Callaway GBB Epic Driver stands proud to its pompous name by delivering in every area,and, I dare to say, it sets the bar pretty high for the rest of the industry. Yes, it is that good folks.