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Video Transcript

As golfers it's important to appreciate that the arms play a huge part in making a good golf swing, of course they do. They're attached to your hands, your hands are attached to the club, the arms are the link between the club and the body. The body is the power, the club is the source that actually delivers the power; your arms have a massive role to play. But the problem comes for golfers when they make an arms-only golf swing, when pretty much the entire swing is driven and caused or created by what the arms and hands are doing.

We often find that golfers who lack a bit of flexibility, maybe have a body injury or actually lack understanding in what the body should be doing tend to swing pretty much just with their hands and their arm. And you'll appreciate if I hit this, and believe me I'm going to try and hit as best I can, but just using arms. When I hit that I got a little skanky contact, and it only goes about a hundred yards, and that was a flat out swing with a 7 iron. And that the issue that a lot of golfers create for themselves is that they only use their hands and the arms. And they think that because they're putting maximum effort into the hands and arms they're going to generate power, but they really don't.

So the next little series of videos is all about the issues that can be created with those hands and arms working. And how actually, if we activate the body, and we turn the golf swing almost from the ground upwards, so we activate the legs and the body as well as the hands and the arms that can benefit as a golfer. We can hit the ball further, more consistently, with less strain on our body by stopping the hands and arms golf swing.