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During the lessons that I teach on a day to day basis. I often ask a lot of golfers you know what’s your favorite shot what’s your least favorite shot? And one of their most common answers for least favorite shot is 3-wood or 5-wood off the deck. 3-wood or 5-wood off a tee is a different proposition quite an easy proposition actually. But 3-wood or 5-wood off the deck is a very different proposition. And the problem you have here is I think it is the hardest shot because you’ve got your second longest club, the only one that’s long with a driver. But with a driver you’ve got to grip a tee-peg. Here you got your second longest club and no tee. Anything else that’s hit from the fairway be it a long iron and short iron whatever well that’s a shorter club with more loft. So here you got the length nearly of a driver very, very little loft and no tee-peg. So it stands to reason that a 3-wood or a 5-wood from the floor is going to be a very difficult shot.

The problem you have is there’s so little margin of error certainly in terms of the vertical height of getting a good contact. Whether you hit the top of the ball or whether you are try and get lower and hit the ground. The problem also stems from the fact that you’ve got not almost loft on the face and a very forward ball position, if you have the ball position too far back you’ll deal off the golf club and just hit it straight into the floor. So you need quite a forwards ball position we’re going to play it about a ball and a half’s width maybe two balls width from your front instep. But having it on the front instep the club is now maybe on the rise as it hits through the shot and if it’s on the rise as you’re leaning back, you’re going to bottom out first, and you’re going to hit the top of the ball. If you try and hit down on it too much take a divot there’s a rate that you hit it fat. So it’s never an easy shot to get right.

So here is a little tip to help you get that ball position in exactly the right place. Take your normal setup and just go ahead make a few little swings with your 3-wood. And as you swing you’ll scuff the floor and just notice really accurately whereabouts you’re scuffing. If you’re scuffing a long way back consider where your body weight is. You’re probably leaning back at that point. But if you’re moving through nicely and scuffing the ground mark where that position is and then slot the ball directly in to that position. So I’m going to just pop the ball here and it think that’s going to be sitting about two balls width from my left instep, that’s a good position for me to be in. And then as I drive my body weight on to my left side and sweep this ball away I’m just going to try and chop the leaves off the top of the grass I don’t really want to get down into the roots of the grass and scuff it, but also I don’t want to hit the ball cleanly off the surface and not be able to tell where I was because the chance that I would be too high up on the ball there catching in a bit thin.

So as I setup now balls nicely falls in my stance. Setup is just a little bit back maybe 55% back. I wouldn’t go as far as leaning back like I would do with my driver, but likewise I don’t want to be in front of it chopping down like I would with a wedge, its right in that middle ground so 55% onto my right side is okay. Nice setup position and then just try and clip it off the surface. And then sweep it away nicely probably just caught the top of the mat there but it didn’t really dig down too much. That’s a right way to play a 3-wood. Scuff the ground, find where your ball position is it should be around about two inches from your instep 55% on to your right side and then just sweep that ball away with a little scuff of the turf but don’t actually take a divot.