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This is the question I think a lot of people ask when they’re putting together their sets of clubs. And you know you’ve got the obvious stuff in a bag of clubs, you’ve got your driver at one end, you’ve got your putts through at the other end, you’ve got your wedges and your irons and then you’ve kind of got like grey area, driver off the tee, iron off the fairway, what do I put in that grey area, that long shot area; 200, 220 maybe 180 to 220, something like that, what do I put to fill that gap? Do I put fairway woods, or do I put hybrid clubs. What’s the difference between the two, and what should I have in my bag?

I think the easiest answer to this is, is it’s probably better to have a blend of those clubs. The fairway woods, the three wood, the five wood, the seven and even the nine wood; they're generally going to be clubs that go quite a long way from reasonable to good lives. And then the hybrid clubs, probably starting around about a three, four, five hybrid, 20 degrees, down to 25 degrees, these are clubs that are very useful from average to poor lies. You can hit them off a tee peg occasionally that’s a good shot to hit but they don’t go as far as your fairway woods and they’re going to be better in poorer lies particularly if you drive the ball into the semi rough quite often. A hybrid club probably sits better in the semi than a fairway wood does. So it’s nice to have a subtle blend of the clubs. And the only way you’re going to find this out, is simply by testing them.

It’s not suitable just to copy somebody else’s bag, oh well, Dave’s a good player, he’s got three of those and two of those that’s what I’ll do. It’s very dependent on your game and your distances. If you’re hitting the ball a very long way, you might have less long clubs in your bag because you don’t need them so often. If you don’t hit the ball such a long way off the tee, you might find that you need more long clubs in your bag because the golf course seems to play very long haul all of the time. So, it’s very important to test out the clubs for your game. Should you carry fairway woods, should you carry hybrid clubs, my recommendation would be like I do, carry a blend of both.