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Video Transcript

Here is an interesting tip for you to try and help you to hook the golf ball. Now this tip is physical maybe 20% of a tip, but 80% of this tip is a mental tip really and it’s all about how sometimes we double cross ourselves in our minds. So to hit the ball with a hook and a hook is a right to left shape maybe we’d use it to hook it around a tree or into the wind or anything of that nature. To hit the ball with a hook we would want to have the clubface aiming left in relation to the swing path. So the swing path would often be out to the right and the clubface would need to be left of that. So quite often if we were trying to hook the ball around the camera let’s say we’d point the body to the right that should encourage the swing path to the right as long as you swing along the line of your body. You would have your clubface aiming more left than your swing path and you would see the ball generally draw. But what we often see for a lot of club golfers is when they see the clubface ineffectively in a closed position up the set up position they panic they don’t like it and they don’t release the golf club effectively like they should do. What they do instead is they fight it and they hold it off and they hold the face into a more of an open position, the clubface points the same line as the swing path and we actually then get a block.

Just a straight right of target it sets off in the right place but it never draws back or hooks back it just blows straight right. So this tip is to for those golfers that struggle with the psychology of releasing the club when it looks like it’s in a closed position. What I would suggest is actually open the clubface a little bit, set up to the right, have the clubface pointing slightly further right. And then there should be something at the back of your mind panicking now because you would be looking at that club thinking well that’s not going to hit the ball left. This is going to go further right, then during the swing that little panicky bit of the brain whips your hand over, shifts the clubface down in relation to the swing path and gets the ball drawing. So it’s almost like you’re playing a little trick on your mind, you are almost trying to double cross yourself, you’re trying to aim right, open the clubface up, panic because that’s going to hit it way right then during the swing the right hand will come over and it will produce the leftwards facing golf club which is ultimately going to produce that drawing or hooking line that we want. So it’s now lot’s of hand action and have been able to turn that ball maybe 30, 35 yards from right to left in the air even though it’s set up the face looked open, the little bit back of my brains said that’s no good, shut it down and we turn the hands over nicely. So if you’re struggling to draw and hook the ball around trees and around corners effectively maybe that opening the clubface first hand actions is playing into your mind and that might work well for you.