Video Series

Video Transcript

So the first of the anti-hook practice swing drills that we’re going to do, we’re first increasing the action of the lower body making it less static and a little bit more dynamic. So from a good address position here, we’re going to go ahead, I’ve got a 5 iron here, you can choose any mid iron 5, 6, 7. Swing it to the top of your backswing and stop in that position there. You should feel nice and balanced slightly on your rear leg. Now from that position what I’d like you to do now is lift up the heel of your lead leg so it sits just up onto to the tip toe and whilst you’re going to use that to trigger and initiate the downswing. So the lead leg heel is now going to stamp back onto the floor and then fully turn through until that heel takes all of the body weight.

So we’re going to go from the heel having no weight to all of the weight in quite a nice smooth continuous action. The hope is that that as we stand hard onto that left side, we create good strong leg action and we don’t get this passive leaning back as we make our swing which can create the hook. So as I set up to the ball here, my left heel is going to lift off the ground at the top of my backswing there and then I’m going to swing down into the top of the golf ball and have a good transition of my legs. So to the top, heel up, and all the way through. And I really feel like I’ve stamped on my left heel, really turn through the ball quite nicely, got a good divot strike so took some turf after the golf ball which is a good indication that I was on my left side of the point of impact. I wasn’t leaning back as I hit that golf ball. I’ve turned up, lifted my heel, and stood all the way back through it.

Now initiating the downswing with standing on my left heel and stamping that left heel down should really give you the feeling like you’re being quite dynamic with your legs, not like you’re standing on your back leg and hitting that hook. And I think if you get that left side turning through, get that body weight turning through, you will hook the ball a bit less. Practice that drill a few times on the driving range with the heel lifting, then start working on just keeping the heel down but standing on that left heel to start downswing. And that should create a good solid platform but still keep the legs driving forwards. Work on that exercise and see if you can reduce the amount of hooks that you hit by being more dynamic with your legs.