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Slow play on the golf course now goes hand in hand with golf like large trousers and badly fitted shirts go with the game of golf. It’s just something you have to deal with I am afraid, we would always try and encourage you if you are relatively new comer to the game to make sure that you aren’t the reason for slow play. Play quickly mark your score card at the right time walk quickly leave your bag on the right side of the green all those sorts of thing that go with slowing the game down and trying to make sure you are not the reason for the game being slow. But if you are at finding yourself on the golf course and play is slow a lot of golfers let that overly affect the way they play and it sort of over affects and disproportionately and they become the worst golfer because of it. So it’s important when you – when you find yourself on the golf course and play is slow, try and focus on a couple of key things, the worst thing I can see anybody doing at slow play is they arrive at their golf ball the club comes out of the bag they stand here and then they start waiting. And they are literally looking for that flag to go back in before they pull the trigger.

And as soon as the flag is gone and the guy is moved off the green now we are good to go and they will always hit a bad golf shot, because you’ve just stood there far too long waiting. You should not wait over the golf ball in this position for that flag to go back in. It just tenses the body up to much in mind preparation is not good at all. What you should do you should be prepared you should be ready otherwise you become the problem for slow play. But I wouldn’t actually take the club out the bag yet, but I would just be ready. So I would wait for the green to clear well let’s say I have arrived at my golf ball, there’s people on the green, I access the length of the shot I access the lie I access where the danger is I might pull out the eight iron that I’m going to choose I might stand to the side take my practice swing that all feels good and then I will just go and put the golf club down and I will just walk away from it maybe have chat with my playing partners, maybe just look around the golf course taking the breeze and then as soon as the green clears I’m ready to take out my golf club again.

I have already accessed the shots so I don’t need to take too long one little practice swing, then I’m ready to pull the trigger. And that process takes less than 10, 15 seconds so you are not going to slow the game down anymore, but at the same time you are pausing freezing over the ball, getting angry with the group ahead. Slow play is just a part of the game I am afraid, you can’t really beat it as long as you are not the cause of it learn to play as well as you can when the golf course is slow.