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Video Transcript

If we start by looking at the heel strike and how it relates particularly to the driver, the driver is probably the almost, most important clubs if you strike well, because we are going to hit the ball so far with this drive and maybe 200 or 250 yards. So any inconsistency on where we strike across the face is going to make a big difference to the accuracy and the distance we get out here in the real world out in the golf course.

So as I set out to the golf ball, I have got a question a couple of key points about why I might be hitting it in the heel. Let’s presume I have setup to this ball really nicely with my driver, it’s in a good position, its not on the heel of setup. Now if I lose my posture during my swing so during my swing I have got a good titled forward posture but if I lose my posture and I stand up, the chances are that as I bring the club down, I am going to be too far forward as I strike as my body weight is to far forward, I am leaning into it, I am going to hit the hosel of the club or the heel of the golf club and I am going to full forward. So let’s be really careful with our driver particularly we maintain good posture and we keep the good posture, I am leaning forwards, I am not standing up during my swing. That will be one key component making sure you don’t heel the ball with the driver.

The next consideration I would like to have is the, you not coming over the top, anybody that’s coming over the top which would be this movement, you know the terminology of coming over the top is the playing here with downswing playing here over-the-top I am too far forward, from the outside hitting the heel. So that over-the-top motion is going to be very common reason why lots of golfers would strike the ball on the heel and again that’s something we have got to be very conscious of try and make sure that your downswing is up and down on the same line, not up and over-the-top.

One more issue that we might have when we have got the ball with the driver, is if we haven’t teed it up high enough, having the ball teed-up very live actually encourages a golfer to get quite steep because they are trying to dig the ball out of a bad lie and as we have just seen a steep downswing tends to be an over-the-top downswing. So actually the height of the ball is teed-up, it could be outside the line, could cause me to be outside the line and cause me to heel, so that ball teed far too low as I setup to that one it’s too low. I want to lift my tpeg up a little bit, get the club so it sets with half the ball above the top of the club above the equator. Therefore I can encourage myself to be slightly shallower, attack more from the inside and hit more of that ball on the right. So those three elements could be the reasons why you are hitting the driver from the heel of the club.