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We know when we watch all the golfers on the TV and we watch these guys particularly the ones that hit the ball such a long way. They don't all have identical golf swings. There’s quite a few different quirky moves out there at the moment particularly with people like Dustin Johnson hitting the ball so far, but not with a mechanically perfect golf swing should we say. So we'll actually look at what do they have in common. What can we as a lower level golfers, club golfers, amateur golfers, what can we learn from their game that we can start to bring into our own games to help us improve. Certainly when we're trying to hit the ball a long way, one of the key features is going to be a big wide base.

So whenever you're taking the driver and you're trying to hit the ball as far as possible as you set up to the ball, we would like to have a big platform. My shoulders here this wide apart, my feet are wider than my shoulders by a couple of inches. So I've got a really good platform. That then helps me do my next bit which is to turn my back to target. So any good player you'll see on the TV at the top of the swing, they have got back facing target. If you are swinging back and you're only getting back to here, we would question your fitness and your flexibility and how far can you hit the ball. If you can get your back to target, you should.

If you can’t get your back to target, try and get as close as you possibly can. So get that body really wound up and turned back as far as you possibly can. That creates the power that you are then going to release into the downswing, and that's really the next point of this tip is to drive the lower half as fast as you can towards the target. So it's a wide planted setup, a big old turn into the backswing back to target. Then drive the lower half. Really snap that left side out the way. For the right handed golfer, the left knee wants to be straight for impact, really release through and have that big old balance follow through. And if you can bring in all of those elements into your swing, the wide stance, the back to target and then the drive of the legs.

You should be able to turn through the ball trying to create upwards of a hundred miles an hour of clubhead speed to deliver that club into the back of the ball as fast as possible. Keep your balance at the end of the swing. Bring in the wide stance back to target and leg drive, and hopefully that's maximizing the power that your mechanics can create in your golf swing.