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So, the last thing I want you to do before you actually go and tee off on the golf course is have the feeling of the ball going into the hole. So, when you go on the first tee, you got the confidence and that's what's going to happen, you're going to be able to get the ball into the hole.

The best thing that you can do to do that is spend a couple of minutes on the putting green before you tee off, and the last thing you do before you tee off is knock in 10 short putts in a row. A short putt, just a 2 footer. You might think, "Well, what's the point in practicing 2 footers? I never miss 2 footers." Well, that is the point. You won't miss a 2 footer, you shouldn't miss 2 footers.

If you're missing 2 footers, you've got other problems. But a 2-foot putt, basically twice the length of a putter grip. Twice the length of a putter grip, here to here to that tee, align it up and a proper turn. A lesson to the ball going in and I'll take it out, I'm going to do it again. I don't mean lying 10 balls up in a row because then you just get lazy and you just do hit, hit, hit, hit, hit. This is 10 putts with the same ball, as it would be in the golf course. It then gets you in the routine of setting up, good stroke, take the ball out the hole, set it up, good stroke, take the ball out the hole.

If you do that 10 times, and that's the last thing you do before you tee off. You then walk onto the tee with confidence that I can picture the ball going in, I can hear the ball going in. I like the feeling of bending down, getting the ball out the hole, and it's that little routine that can really add the confidence on the golf course.

So, when you get over a 6-foot putt or a 10-foot putt on the first green, you actually remember the 2 footer and you think, "Well, this is easy because I've just holed 10 in a row." I'm a golfer that holes putts, not a golfer that stands there and misses a load and then goes on to the first tee.

So, next time you go out and play, promise me this, you'll take one ball and take it 10 times from 2 feet, knocking all 10 of these 2 footers and then go on to the first tee with a different mindset that you are a good putter and you can hole putts on the course.