Ball Below Feet – What the Ball Does 2

Commit this fact to memory: A ball that’s above or below the level of your feet will curve in the direction of the hill’s slope.

That means when playing a shot from a “hanging lie,” where the ball is lower than your feet, it will start and curve to the right-hander’s right – a push-fade, in other words.

Three factors cause this to happen: 1) An open clubface at address. 2) A spine angle that’s tilted forward and makes the swing plane more upright. 3) Difficulty in firing the body through the shot, inhibiting the release and leaving the clubface even more open at impact.

Because the lie can push weight onto your toes, the dreaded shank is another common miss-hit. So is topping the ball for the golfer who has trouble maintaining the level of his hips and shoulders throughout the swing.

What’s a golfer to do when faced with this conundrum? Our next tip will teach you how to compensate.