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Trapping the golf balls a really interesting piece of terminology we often hear it referred to with the good players, now the real nice ball strikers the guys that strike down on the golf ball take the ball with their nice contact generate lots of spin – everyone who is always a good ball striker who really traps the ball against the face and ground. Genuinely we don’t talk about trapping the ball with high handicap golfers, high handicap golfers that generally hit the ball a bit higher and scoop the ball into the air; they don’t necessarily trap the ball. The actual sort of definition of what trapping is a somewhat grey area, I would infer that the club is on its way down as it hits the ball, it’s on a downwards angle of attack we would call it. It hits the golf ball and squeezes the ball outwards as it hits as the club then continues down into the turf, so generally someone that traps the ball you might describe them as taking a big divot after the golf ball, the club is coming down hitting the ball trapping it against the ground and a big piece of turf after the golf ball.

Genuinely you would trap the ball on a good lie you know if the ball was sitting down on something nice and tight like a Links Golf Fairway a tight lie or you can really trap the ball off the turf, you can't really trap the ball when its sitting up in the semi rough because as you bring the club down there's no ground underneath you that’s just grass, you bring the club down and you hit the tuff underneath the ball flies up there's no trapping going on. And particularly for higher handicap golfers that genuinely lean back have less angle of attack and sweep upwards as they hit the golf ball, we would never describes a golfer who's trapping the ball. If you want the sensation the feeling of what it will be like to trap the golf ball just play the ball back in your stance, if you put the ball back a long way back in your stance and put your hands along way ahead of it, effectively you are creating a very steep angle of attack, okay you are manipulating the angle of attack a little bit but you will get the sensation of how you it feels to squeeze down on the back of the ball and trap it, that feeling of hitting the ball first then taking a divot into the ground.

And the absolute opposite of that playing the ball right up against the front foot leaning the handle back we are going to hit the ground before we get to the golf ball and it's like a fat or a duff shot, so that’s when you hear the word trapping the golf ball on the TV the commenter's talk about the good players trapping the ball; that’s the definition, the club is striking down quite aggressively with a high angle of attack ball in turf spinning the ball and taking a nice divot afterwards.