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So a lot of people suggest to me that the reason why they haven't got three, four wedges in their bag is they don’t have the space. You know, we've got this limitation of only 14 clubs in a set of golf clubs. People say, “I don’t have enough space I've only got my two wedges.” And then say, “What else have you got in there?” “Oh! I've got a three wood, a five wood, a seven wood, a two hybrid, a three hybrid, a four hybrid, a three and four iron, but I don’t use those very often.” And certainly they’ve got all these clubs in the top end of their bag hitting the ball 200 yards but, there's no difference between those clubs; two, three, four iron, they all go roughly the same distance. “I don’t like those clubs anyway.” Well if you don’t like them get them out of the bag. What I would suggest for you is that you hit a lot more shots in that last 100 yards, than you do from 200 yards. And actually the shots from 200 yards, you don’t need to be accurate to within 10 yards, 15 yards of the flag. If you are standing 220 yards away and you get that thing up near the green, that's result in itself. But if you're a 100 yards away and you don’t have the correct club to hit onto the green, that's a big problem because that shot happens more often and its more important when it does happen. The result is more important to you.

So, during your next round of golf, I want you to look at how many times you used those long irons and how accurate you are with them. And then also I want you to notice how often you are inside 100-120 yards thinking I'm going to have to manufacture something here because I don’t have the right club. And I can always guarantee if you've only got two wedges in your bag, but you've got 14 clubs in your bag, there's some clubs that barely got used if you used at all, but quite often you're inside 120, 180 yards thinking, “Well I'll have to half hit this. I'll hit a really firm one to try and get it onto the green.” Because you don’t have the right clubs in your bag. So let's strip out the top end of the bag and load up the bottom end of the bag. So get more wedges in there, atleast three and I would always say four wedges in your game. Take out some long irons and learn to build your set correctly with nice, even four degree spaces between all of your wedges.