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Video Transcript

Now whenever you watch golf on the TV, you will instantly recognize different players by their different styles of putting. The one thing that is most commonly obvious is that there are so many different styles of putting that people are using these days to get the ball into the hole. Now less golfers in the recent climate are using the anchored putter, the banner has just come in 2016, you can no longer anchor the club against your body, but we are still seeing golfers using very long heavily weighted putters. We are seeing golf use a more traditional style but with different variations of the grip.

Now we are seeing golfers still using the cross handed putting method and actually at the time of filming this, we have just seen Rory Mcllory change to the cross handed style of putting. It cause a bit of a stir in the golfing industry. We are not sure how long it’s going to last but maybe he is going to win on more major championships with his left hand below right. Now I am an advocate of the left hand below right putting method, so called cross handed method, it's something I've done on my own golf for a good number of viewers and I think we will start to see more golfers trying that particularly as the putting ban has been or the putters have been banned with the anchored putter, people are now going to cross handed method, as another way of putting.

So, if we can explain in this next mini-series of videos how that crosshanded methods works and why it works for other golfers, but effectively it’s a right handed golf gripping the club in a left handed fashion and then making their stroke this way around. For me I chose that method not because I was a brilliant putter, the other way around. If I am honest, I was struggling the other way around, so I searched for something that might be a bit different, stuck with that. It probably took me 2 to 3 weeks to really cement the change in, until it starts to feel a bit more natural, but now if I'm honest, when I go to play gripping it in the conventional way feels quite awkward, and gripping it in my method feels a lot more comfortable.

So if I initially make this change or recommend this change for you, it will feel uncomfortable to start with, but hopefully with practice you will start to buy into the change and you'll feel more comfortable to putt in the cross handed method