simple-drill-for-slice-basket A

While any number of swing flaws can cause an outside-to-inside (aka over-the-top) club path, it’s not necessary to break your swing down to find a cure.

The following drill forces you to hit the ball with an inside-out motion, so you’ll naturally stop doing whatever it is that creates your slice. 

  • Using any club longer than a 6-iron, place a plastic range ball basket (or similar object) about 18 inches behind the ball, and just outside the target line.
  • An outside-in swing path will cause you to hit the basket; the goal, then, is to hit the ball with the clubhead approaching from inside the line. 

In order to consistently miss the basket and make solid contact, your body will make the adjustments needed to properly route the club on the downswing. In short, this means starting the downswing by feeling the left heel touch the ground, which initiates rotation in the hips, torso and shoulders. The arms will pull the club downward and inside the line. 

Voila! No more slice.