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After you have got that clubface lovely and straight and aligned to address, after you mastered that takeaway, getting the clubface nice and square in that position as well, how can you deliver the club successfully into impact keeping the clubface square? Now this is a fantastic drill to use if you have to go practice on a range mat, but you can also do this on a grass driving range as well, and it is something you would have seen many of the top professionals do it. After hitting shots they move the ball slightly further back, so it’s not interfered with by that previous divot. And you will see on grass driving range there is all these straight lines being formed as people hit shots. However this just gives a much more of a visual representation of what you want to be seeing with the square club face.

Now I have called this ball setup to my target line, I have got the two lines on the ball, set perfectly down to where I want the ball to finish up. So I am going to pull the club in behind the ball and make sure that that’s a right angle to those two lines as well. Now notice here, there is two alignments sticks, either side of the club. Now if I am going to impact at my path is a little bit too much from the inside, I am going to hit the inside alignments stick, if I am going too much from the outside, I am going to hit the outside alignment stick. But also because my clubface is nice and square address and because these alignments sticks are at the same angle, it frames the ball very well. And I can see quite clearly as I am coming in that I want my clubface to be moving back into that square position.

I can couple this out with the drill previously mentioned about taking it that much into the spine angle, taking it through and much you get to spine angle as well, but it is a really good drill to use if you want to get the feeling of where the clubface is. So it is getting setup, put alignment stick drill there, clubface lovely and aligned back, bringing that club through nice and straight and just making sure that that clubface feels like it’s nice and straight at impact. Using this drill, using that little hard swing drill as well, and using it all in combination should give you the sensation of that face being square at impact.