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I have been watching golf from TV these days; you’ve got lots of personalities to watch haven’t you? You’ve got – everyone has their fan’s favorite player, and one of the fan’s favorite seems to be Jason Dufner. Now he is not one the most exiting golfer in the world, he is not one the most flamboyant and charismatic guy in the world, but lots of people seem to sort of appeal to Jason Dufner’s approach to the way he takes himself round the golf course. Now his rise to the top is not exactly been meteoric in the way he got there, you know 2000 he turned pro, spent the first few years of his career playing on the which is the American Tour below the PGA Tour Dot Com had different names before then, but sort of 2000 to 2009 fairly steady, moved into the big ranks 2009, won two million dollars playing on the PGA Tour, kind of made a name for himself and he is 33, in the order of merit that year, but didn’t actually win until 2012 and then like alot of things that happen, you know you win once, you win twice, he won twice in the 2012 season, building up for the big sort of peak of his career so far which was 2013, when he won a PGA Championship, won a major championship.

I mean that for a guy that’s been grinding an ounce over 13 years to finally reach that peak, that is a pretty steady progress and I think for a lot of golfers it’s that steadiness, that repeatability about his golf swing, and that calm, cool attitude about Dufner that really seems to stand him out from a lot of the younger more hot headed players. So there is a couple of main things that we could look at in Jason Dufners movement in terms of his swing that we might decide to copy. One of the most sort of noticeable characteristics he has in his golf swing is the Dufner Waggle you know he sets up to the golf ball and he has this big waggle, in fact you can often tell Dufner from about three fairways away, you’d look over and you say, “Oh that’s him, yeah look, I can see his waggle.” We are going to investigate that motion and see how that benefit and help in your game as well. The other thing is just the control he has in his golf swing. His golf swing is very rhythmical, very controlled and it repeats, and clearly by winning a major championship we now know that it repeats under pressure as well. So in these next few videos we are going to a little bit of a look at Jason Dufner and his golf swing