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Video Transcript

If you have taken this range game out on to the golf course, and you are struggling to do what you do so well out on the range, you are taking it on the golf course, it’s just not working out for you. Here is a couple of final few thoughts that will hopefully take this really good range game out to improve your scores out here on the course.

One of the thing I would like to see you do, is have a little bit more of a pre-shot routine in your practice and on the course. Sometimes golfers will use a pre-shot routine but they don’t necessarily use it consistently. Some people use it in practice for getting on the golf course, some people use it on the golf course for getting in practice, but if it’s going to work, it needs to be a pre-shot routine here and on the golf course both the same.

Now when you are doing that pre-shot routine, you are clicking your mind back into golf focus, so you are snapping yourself back into the real situation of, okay I am playing golf, this is my target, this is what I am focused on, this is how I am going to go and do things. And hopefully if we can do that on the range and on the golf course, we will start to take a little bit of the good stuff we see in the practice ground and actually help improve your scores on the golf course. The other consideration might just be to play a little bit more golf, to not go out on the golf course and feel like it’s such a big surprise to be out there. You know I teach some guys and it’s easier for them to hit balls on the range than it is to go and play four hours of golf. So they are practicing maybe four or five times in the week. And then playing once a full night, well of course when you go out in the golf course, the golf course feels funny, it feels weird to be play enough grass rather than playing on a mat, it feels weird to be walking off after every shot rather than just taking the next ball, straight out of the basket and having another go. So let’s make sure that the golf course doesn’t feel like a strange place to be. And if you do get outside of spare hour, hour and a half of an evening, yes hit some balls in the range of couple of times a week, but also just go and play 9 holes on your own a couple of times, just get comfortable with being out on the golf course.

And that’s consideration might be, that you are not trying to impress anybody, you are not going out in the golf course to impress anybody, you are there to prove that you can get a really good score to yourself so we are not trying to impress people by taking on shots that are outside of their limitations or taking on shots you have seen people do on the TV, we are just trying to do the things that we have ground in on the driving range, the things we know work on the driving range and get them to work on the golf course and hopefully by doing that, your scores come down and that’s enough to impress you and impress anybody else you are trying to impress because you have shot a good score, not because you pulled up some wondrous miraculous shot that was never really going to happen, anyway. So use those final few thoughts and try and take your range game out to the golf course game.