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I was thinking one of the most infuriating shots for golfers is when they swing quickly they make great contact on the golf ball, the ball flies off, and then it tails away with that ever-so-familiar slice down the right-hand side for the right-handed golfer. And I think a lot of people get frustrated by that it spoils our enjoyment of the game. Although we like to work on improving the technique and improving the swing path and improving the club face position as you hit the ball, the equipment you’re using can also have a big influence over how straight this golf ball flies. Particularly if you’re slicing the golf ball to the right-hand side, there’s a number of issues that you could look at to make sure your club is helping you out.

The first thing would be ensuring that you have enough loft. Creating enough loft on the driver face creates a little bit more back spin. If the ball is back spinning more highly it will curve to the right less. So if you could put something like a 12 or even a high trajectory 13 degree lofted driver in your hands you would instantly see less curving to the right hand side particularly if you’re currently using a low lofted driver maybe nine or 10 degrees something of that nature. The next thing to consider would be to get the right shaft. If your shaft is too stiff and it doesn’t have enough flex in it, the problem you have at impact is that the shaft isn’t encouraging the club head to square up. Effectively the club head would lag behind the middle of the shaft for a little bit too long, the head would be to the right and de-lofted and you get low squatters down the right hand side. If we could soften that shaft up a little bit go to a regular shaft or a seniors flex shaft you’d find the shaft profile working better for you during the downswing. The shaft would actually be bending into the impact position helping the club head square up and hitting the ball higher and a little bit straighter. So let’s lose that macho thing of nine degrees extra stiff, let’s go 11, 12, 13 degrees regular or seniors flex shaft, just as an experiment and see how this ball flies.

Other areas that you could look at to make sure the club is working for you, you could look at an offset driver. An offset driver is where the club head is sitting behind the leading edge of the shaft. Now an offset driver would encourage the club head to release better through the ball and aim a bit further left at the point of impact. And if it’s aiming further left at the point of impact you’ll see the ball curving to the right-hand side a little bit less. Other issues that you could look at in a golf club would be actually getting a draw biased head or a head where you could move the weight around, so you could put the weight more into the hill side of the golf club that would slow that part of the golf club down, the toe side would overtake a little bit more and the draw biased head would start to make the ball curve more to the left-hand side as well. So if you look for a reputable retailer look at the online products that Thomas Golf have and pick a driver that you think is going to slice the ball less by understanding the criteria that we’ve just discussed.