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Now when you're out there on the golf course putting, one of the biggest killers to your good stroke and your good distance control is changing your tempo of your putting, getting too fast or too slow with your putting depending on whether you're up for it, whether you're tired, whether there is too much pressure. Would like to have a nice even putting stroke with good tempo, but it can be quite difficult to practice that but here is a great little tip for you. You can actually go to the app store and download a metronome to your phone. If you set that metronome to around about 73 beats per minute and then set it going, you can hear it tick tocking on the microphone there. What we’d like to see is the tick tock changes the direction of the putting stroke. So every tick or tock is a new direction to the putting stroke. So I'm going to try and hold this so the microphone can hear and make a few putting strokes. So if I make a very short stroke I should still maintain the same tick tock, tick tock and if I make a very long stroke, I still maintain the same tempo.

So if you're going to make a very long putting stroke but the same beats per minute, 73 beats per minute it's going to have to be quite a fast putting stroke. If you're making a very short putting stroke at the same beats per minute it becomes with a much slower putting stroke. We therefore actually see a slow and short putting stroke is a great way of controlling short distance putts and a longer and therefore a much faster putting stroke is a great way of controlling longer putting shots. So using the 73 beats per minute metronome app on your phone or you’ve got a metronome use that as well that will change the length of your stroke, change the speed of your stroke but maintain the same tempo then try and keep that same tempo whether it's first green, last green or putting green. Keeping the same metronomic tempo to your putting you should improve your distance control and bring your scores down.