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Why do some players putt cross handed putting? Now I feel I really want to sort of change the wording of this question to; why does this player putt cross handed? Because this is my method of putting, I putt cross handed which for me is my left hand below my right; my normal golf grip, my chipping grip, my driving grip this way, my putting grip this way around. Now, I’ve been putting cross handed for about the last 20 years. I initially discovered this method of putting pretty much because I was poor at putting the other way around; I found that particularly my bottom hand was far too active and would often pull putts; more importantly pulling short putts under pressure and that’s the worst sort of putt to miss, short putts under pressure.

So, I decided to change to a different method of putting, so I put now with my left arm which for me is my lead arm at the bottom. Now the reason for that I feel is it, those two those two things, it makes my trailing hand, my right hand more passive and stops it flicking but it also makes my front arm, my left arm much stronger and resists the flicking that might come from the right hand. So here my right hand doesn’t want to flick so much and my left hand is better placed to resist that flick. So as I take my putting stroke now, my left arm, my front arm stays very still and very solid and I feel I get much better control of line and of pace.

If my right hand were to flick in this method I feel the clubface rolls on closes too much, but also if I was to putt from here, you can see the putter going left, and also flicking from here, it gives me far too much speed, too much pace. But by having my left wrist on top -- sorry my left wrist at the bottom here but here leading, it pushes backwards and forwards, my right wrist does not flick so much. So it would be worth considering if you feel that you’re inconsistent and you flick too much with your right hand, worth considering trying this left hand below right method as a right handed golfer, if that gives you more control.

Now it might feel strange to start with guaranteed you’ll this you’ll think “That feels weird and horrible.” But don’t give up on it straight; maybe take a couple of practice sessions in a week down on the putting green or just on the carpet at home consistently rocking it. Soon it will start to feel more comfortable, when it feels more comfortable your results will improve. And if you were inconsistent before with your right hand flicking away, maybe the left below right cross handed putting method is one that can work for you as well as it does for me.