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Video Transcript

So if we’re now aware of how important the scooping chip shot is or how detrimental it can be to chipping let’s focus on the things we need to avoid in that scooping action and the things we need to bring in instead. For a lot of golfers, when they’re scooping the ball, it’s a process of trying to hit the ball in the air that’s causing the problem. And that involved this idea of leaning back behind the ball, firing the right hand to scoop underneath it to chip it up in the air for the right-handed golfer. What we need to do differently is actually change the address position a little bit more. So we’re going to have the ball around about the center of the stance, but have the bodyweight leaning on to the left-hand side for the right hander by about 60 to 65 percent. Then also take the handle of the golf club into that left-hand side as well.

Now you might appreciate that moving the handle in such a big way does change the loft on the golf club, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. So we’re going to take the loft, and we’re going to deloft the golf club, and really have the handle pointing towards the left hip. So we’ve got the ball position middle, the bodyweight left, the handle left. Now by having the bodyweight and the handle on the left-hand side we’ve initiated much more of a downwards angle of attack. You can see as I’m hitting the ground there I’m hitting after the golf ball so on this side of the ball. Whereas if I was leaning back the other way and hitting I’d be hitting much more before the ball with much more of a scooping angle. So I’m on my left side, shaft leaning to the left, and hitting down on the left hand side; really good way of chipping the golf ball to avoid the scoop.

One other area I’d like to focus on is having your hips a little bit open. We tend to find that if a golfer sets up to the golf ball with the knees, and the feet, and the hip square to target, it can feel like the left hip is in the way. So as the golfer comes through there’s very little turn or rotation off his left side would generally flick and scoop the ball. If we can drag that left toe out the way, open that left hip up it’s a lot easier to turn the hands and arms through, a lot more space for the golf club to come into this area here rather than have the flick on the follow-through motion. So, shaft leaning left, bodyweight leaning left, hip open; three great techniques to avoid scooping your golf chip shots.