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Video Transcript

If we now understand how important being a good golf chipper is, the next step is to understand how important the correct setup is as well. Most people chipping good and bad stuff happens from the setup. If you make mistakes here in the setup chances are you're going to struggle throughout the whole swing. So we address the golf ball, we have a narrower than normal stance. We don't need the big wide stance. So we have a slightly narrower stance. We grip down on the club. That helps us control the club a little bit more. We don't need the. The next step would be to lean on to the left-hand side. Having the body weight onto the left-hand side will encourage us to stay left for the impact position.

So we strike down ball and turf, and we're not leaning back and scooping. And we don't need to backswing onto the backfoot and come through because we simply don't need the power. So we're on the left-hand side for the start position, pretty much on the left hand side the whole way through the swing. The next thing I'd like you to consider in your golf set up is that you have quite a relaxed grip. This is a very short shot. It doesn't need bags and bags of power. The club won’t get particularly heavy. We can lean left and just gently dink the ball forwards, rather than strangling the golf course.

So leaning left, nicely relaxed with that grip pressure. We also want to feel that the body keeps turning through to the left hand side. So there's no leaning back and flicking and scooping. We’re left and we stay left and we turn all the way through. And from down the line, a couple of things that we can see here. If we want to maintain good posture we want to keep the head nice and tall and the chin up. You see a lot of golfers, because it's a relatively short shot and they are standing quite close to the ball kind of lose their posture. And get down like this and hunch over it, and then don't make good contact. So we still want to maintain our good posture, still keep our chin up, then on the left hand side and then have everything else nicely turning through the shot. So a good posture, a good chin position, light weight grip pressure, leaning on the left side and keep turning all the way through. That’s some really good fundamentals to improve your basic chipping technique.