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I've got all my wedges out of the bag here, so I've got four different wedges. Now for most people they might have two wedges, the standard pitching wedge and standard sand iron that they get in the set, but I'd like to start to see at least three or potentially four wedges in your bag. Now the differences there are going to be the loft angels on the wedges, the length of the shaft as well. But the loft angle is going to change the height and the distance the ball goes, the shaft changes a bit of the distance but not massive. So the loft is one of the big things. The other big thing that can change on your wedges is the bounce profile, the bounce angle on the bottom of the club and that can become apparent when you're playing different shots that if you've got a different bounce angle you might have a bit more versatility. So rather than having four wedges all with the same bounce angle, I have four wedges that have got different lofts and different bounces. So my pitching is 46 degrees of loft with six degrees bounce. My 50-degree wedge is 50 degrees of loft and six degrees again, then I've got 54 and 10 and 58 and four. So my 58-degree wedge which is my lob wedge has the least amount of bounce out of all my wedges and that’s a really nice club for helping me slide underneath the ball an splash the ball out. So I tend to fire with my 58-degree wedge, I'm good at playing that one.

I've got the face wide open and I'm just trying to slide the club underneath the ball and lift it out. One of my favorite wedges in my set is my 54-degree wedge, 54 degrees of loft but 10 degrees of bounce. Now I like to hit that shot quite firmly and get a full on it, I get quite steep on it but the bounce angle helps me, it stops the club digging into the ground too much. Particularly very useful is my sand wedge, is my 54-degree wedge, is my sand wedge therefore it's got the most bounce on it, splashes the ball out nicely. I have 52 and my 50, sorry my 46 are generally my sort of distance wedges 110 yards, 120, 130 yards with a pitching wedge, they tend to slide through the turf a little bit better, mid bounce club. They don’t dig in too much and I quite like those wedges for those longer distance shots and I could also chip with those two wedges around the green, you know just a little bump and rumps. So it's well worthwhile when you consider building a set of wedges, certainly put more wedges in the ones you've got. I would put four wedges in most people's bags. I think that's so important to have, certainly get more than the two wedges that you might have already got. Consider a loft option but also consider the bounce, particularly in the sand wedge and the lob wedge I want you to look at having different lofts and different bounces. More bounce in the sand wedge, a lot less bounce in the lob wedge that should give you a nice sand wedge shot with loads of bounce to stop the club digging in and then a lob wedge with less bounce to help the club slide through the turf. And that hopefully is a bit of a quick guide of how we can get extra wedges in your bag and make sure they're right for doing the correct job for you.