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Now, one of the most important things you should do when addressing the golf ball in your setup position is get your golf posture right. Now, a lot of people might consider they don’t have generally good posture. Everyday when they are walking down the street they tend to slump a little bit and you know we live our lives in this sort of lunged forward position either driving your car or sleeping or even working at the desk.

So, it is quite important than when you come to the golf course, you open your chest up and you stand to the golf ball with good posture. There is a massive difference when we stand to the golf ball. This guy looks like he is going to play some good golf like he could win the day. This guy looks like he is embarrassed to be there and he is carrying two heavy bags of shopping.

So, when you stand to the golf ball, let us try and stand over the golf ball like we mean business, nice and tall, nice and proud. Now, the easiest way I think that you can manage this is by starting your address routine actually lifting the golf club in front of you so it points at your belly button, pull your shoulders back, lift your head up and feel like standing to attention like you are waiting for inspection. That shoulder back position there gives you a nice strong back position, nice open shoulder position.

Now, for the club to now reach the floor, all I'm going to do is tilt my hips. So, my hips just pivots forward and the club drops toward the floor and the club finishes next to the golf ball with a little bit of knee flexed, and that should have me in a good golf posture position. Just be very careful that from here, once you’ve got your good address position, you don’t bow your head down, roll your shoulders and end up leaning onto the golf ball this way, which is a bad position, a nice big slump in the back as if I'm going to do many favors.

One of the things is getting a good position here and then ruining it by bending your knees and pulling your hips in. Any feeling of the hips coming forward is always going to cause us a big problem. Just push the hips back, feel like you’re sticking your butt out a little bit. That would encourage a stronger posture position, making it much easier to rotate around that good posture throughout the swing. So, if you can get a good golf posture right, get a nice set up to the golf ball, that’s a good foundation position for the whole rest of your golf swing.