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So another guy without the most orthodox swing on top, a very successful player Corey Pavin, 5’9’’ not as big as any of the other guys, not heavy as any of the other guys, way down on par and distance from the other guys, but a beautiful ball striker and a good ball shaper. You could ask him to draw and fade dog legs, draw and a fade into top 10 pin positions and he used his natural ability just to square that club face if he needed to roll into a shot position or open it up on certain shots to shape the ball around the golf course beautifully and he often had to do that because he wasn’t going into greens with nine irons that would fly high and spin next to the flag. He might be hitting into a 5 or 4 into the same green as somebody else, we have to shape the ball a little bit better using imagination a little bit more.

And he was really happy just to stick to his own game, he wouldn’t get put off by other people driving the ball past him or anything else, he just stuck his own game, kept the ball in play quite nicely, picked his way around the golf course.

So the lessons that you can learn from that really, good quality course management, pick your way around the golf course, playing your own game, not trying to compete with your mates that are driving it further than you are, hitting a 7 9 onto a path 3 and you thing it should be a 6 sign but you are going to 7 9 just to keep up with them, play your own game, work the ball from left to right if you need to and right to left vice versa as well, but also just be concerned with good solid fundamentals Pavin had not a very good orthodox swing but a very, very good solid fundamentals, he really set himself up to the golf ball nicely. Little compact swing and he has whipped it through the golf ball but because he understood where the club face was he was able to compete because he played his own game, he was able to compete. And he had a really gritty determination to it as well. So don’t be put off by playing somebody else’s game, play your own game copy Corey Pavin and that should help you improve.