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How often do your approach shots stop pin-high? Pro golfers and instructors consider this one of the major keys to scoring consistently well.

In fact, if you watch the leaders of any professional tournament, you’ll notice that their iron shots finish level with the flag a high percentage of the time. This is a sign that they have great control of their swings and are able to calibrate iron shots to extremely precise distances.

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To improve your control, try finishing the swing in a three-quarters position (compared with a full finish of 100 percent, where the arms are over the left shoulder and the club behind you). To do this you’ll need to swing with less than full power, but don’t worry about losing distance. Odds are you’ll make better contact on a shot-to-shot basis, which will actually generate greater yardage than full-swing mishits.

Remember these keys when swinging to a three-quarters finish:

  • The club should be left of your body (right-handed golfer): At the swing’s completion, your right arm should cross the chest with the hands at about shoulder height, over the left shoulder.

Rotate all the way through: Don’t achieve a short finish by stopping your body turn at impact. Continue rotating so that your chest faces the target as you watch the ball sail toward the flag.