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If we look at the term now that you’ll hear quite a lot more on the TV, a lot of commentators talk about trapping the ball, “And he’s a really good ball striker because he traps the ball really nicely. And I think most golfers are kind of – are familiar with that common phrase and more familiar with the sound and feeling of this trapping the golf ball.

Now in reality the golf ball doesn’t actually get trapped between anything. It’s just a word that we use to describe how the club will impact the ball and the club will keep descending downwards as the ball pops out forward.

And it’s generally described a player who is good at trapping the ball, is a good ball striker. Hits the ball quite low with a descent amount if spin and hits the ball quite a long way. Now if you want to get the feeling of being better at striking the ball and better at trapping the ball and anything where you hit at the top of the ball, you can’t do it and anything where you hit the ground, you can’t do it. So the facts and the fins [Phonetic] [0:01:05] are out. So basically we want to make sure we are striking down on this golf ball.

So we have the ball in a nice position in a stance, just slightly ahead of the center for the club I’ve got here which is a [Indiscernible] [0:01:14] then I have my hands and body weight slightly ahead of the ball again and impact. And I’m going to take a divot, but importantly the divot starts after the ball. Any time a divot starts before the ball, the club will slow down lose power and the ball won’t quite go as far. Any time you’re hitting a shot time without taking a divot chances are, you’re a little bit high upon the ball, maybe catching the ball a little bit on the thin side.

So the good ball strikers the guys are allegedly trapping the ball as they hit it. They’re hitting the ball and then they’re hitting it turf, so as they strike down, the feeling of almost squeezing the ball down into the turf and then the ball comes out nice low plenty of spin that’s what it classes a well trap shot as a good ball striker. And there’s a nice clean contact on that, it comes out low plenty of spin maybe even leaves a little bit of a mark on the golf club where the groves have sort of spin into the ball and left a bit of ball against the club face and that’s the mark of a good ball striker someone who might be described as trapping the ball.