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Here is another few bits of tips and strategy that will help you hit the golf ball further when you're out there playing. The first thing I'd like you to consider on those really big tee shots where you want an extra club head speed and power. It's just to splay your right foot out slightly. We talked about shoulder rotation, trying to turn the shoulders to generate loads of power and if the right foot is splayed out slightly in the backswing, you might feel easier for you to initiate that turn in the shoulder rotation, particularly if you're quite stiff. So, if I have my right foot turned in, I get a bit blocked, my right foot turned out, it allows a little bit more shoulder rotation. That's a great tip to generate more shoulder rotation for more power. The next thing you could consider doing is having a club fitting. You know there's nothing worse than you doing the right thing and the club doing the wrong thing because the club is inappropriate for your swing speed or your launch angle. So we're looking at things like the shaft length, the shaft flex, the loft on the club, the head size, the grip size. All these things can be accounted for in a club fitting to make sure we get the right club for the right job. Then we see a lot of golfers and when they actually set up to the ball, they've done all this hard work on the range, they've got the right club, they've got the right swing. When they look down there and they get a bit fearful, they get a bit scared of what they are going to see.

So they stand here with all the best intentions on the top of the backswing, they pull after the shot; they're scared of what they are hitting into. Mentally, they don't let go of the fear, therefore they physically don't let go of the club and it just plays off sideways and short. We've really got to trust ourselves, that we've got the right short to hit this, so we set up nice and aggressively and we commit with a nice approach that has less fear in turn. One other area I'd like you to look at is making sure you tee the ball up at the correct height. We don't want to tee the golf ball up too low, too low on the face is going to not hit the sweet spot, too high on the face and there's a risk that you go underneath the ball and sky is straight up in the air. So you've got to have the correct tee peg height just above the center, so we want to position our ball so we can see about half of it above the top of the club. So as we set up, we've got about half of the ball above the top of the club. And one last thing when you are playing these shots is I want you to make sure you pick a nice safe spot on the fairway and that again will help you mentally commit to the shot. So if I'm standing here thinking, "I want to hit the ball really long way, I've teed it up, I've got my shoulders turning, I'm going to aim for a gap that's this wide between two trees 300 yards away."The chance is, I'm not going to hit that gap, I'm not even going to commit to that short very well. So pick a nice safe spot. It doesn't always have to be down the center of the fairway either; it could be left side or right side. Pick that spot, commit to that spot and then go ahead and really go through the ball with a lot of commitment rather than trying to stir into a narrow part of the fairway. Utilizing those five tips I think that could increase the distance, you'll hit the golf ball the next time you play.