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Now it's just the problem if I getting him wrong there. So here in the bunker we're playing the percentage error bunker game. So it’s fair to say that if I'm hitting these two bunker shots, two very different distances I have slightly different expectations over my results. And if you come up on to the green with me I'll show you what I mean. This first bunker shots, not a difficult bunker shot necessarily 10 to 15 paces a little bit of room to work with kind of the bread and butter bunker shot. I'd like to be able to knock this one quite close. This one is gone within let's say 4 feet of the flag and I think from 15 yards away 4 feet to the flag, I'm pretty happy with that.

Let's say that's a yard and a half and 15 yards away that's a 10 % margin of error. I'll take that in terms of my bunker play. And if we look up to the back here let's say this is maybe a 30 yard double the distance potentially 40 yards away. That's probably finished within 9 feet so that's within 3 yards so it's actually the same percentage error away from the hole. This is 10% away from the hole. That's 10% away from the hole. Yes that's a little bit further away from that one. But actually in terms of the percentage error they're the same and I'm probably actually happy with that because that's a much tougher shot and it still gives me a good chance of getting up and down out to the bunker of making a decent score.

So when you're playing in the bunker, don't just look at how close the ball is finishing. Look at how close the ball is finishing as a percentage of the shot. The longer the shot the wide away from the hole you should be accepting and you should be happy with. Therefore the shorter the shot the closer you want to get the ball to finish. Use the percentage error game to judge how successful you've been with your shots. As a good golfer, we want to try and get it down less than 10% of our total shot distance. As a mid handicapper, we'd accept 10 to 20% and as a high handicapper 20 to 25% of your bunker shot distance would be a good percentage error.