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So once I’ve lined myself up in the right direction, my club is pointing in the right direction and my feet are pointing in the right direction, the next thing to consider is where I actually position my feet in terms of the width of them and in terms of the angle of them, so this is the section about the stance.

The clubs are lined up nicely. The feet are nice and wide apart and they are facing quite nicely forward, maybe just the front toe of the direction you are going to the left toe for the right-handed golfer, it’s just turned out slightly, so it’s a broad stance. My rear foot is square, pointing exactly straight forward and my front toe is just splayed out 5 or 10 degrees. If you are uncomfortable with how wide apart your feet should be, a good basic rule would be to measure the width of your shoulders and let that become the width of your feet.

So here would be width of the shoulders, about this wide apart of my golf club, that should drop down and that should be the inside width of my feet. So it’s outside of shoulders, is in step of feet. It gives you a nice board platform. It will feel quite wide when you do this for the first time. If you are not used it at all, or you’re used to standing narrow, so a nice big broad stance and that’s the width of stance I would have most of my full shots.

So I’m lined up correctly now, I’ve got a nice broad stance and my front foot just splayed out a few degrees and hopefully get that bit right, so another good building block into a good full swing.