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So, if you are now in a position where you understand that you're not hitting enough greens in regulation, we can actually analyze that stuff a little bit further and break down exactly if you're not hitting these greens, why aren't you hitting these greens and how can you start to hit these greens. So what I’d encourage you to do is over the next three rounds of golf, be these practice rounds or competitive rounds, be these doing it on the golf course or even you can do this afterwards at home if you can remember the round, mark on your scorecard whereabouts you were after your shot that should have reached the green in regulations, be it your first, second, or third shot, were you to the left or right of the green, or long or short of the green.

And go ahead on your scorecard and just write down: left, right, long, short. And then work out the steps for that round and then compile those steps maybe over three or five or even 10 rounds of golf. And then take that information and analyze it further to work out your percentages; how many times you were long, how many times you were short, how many times you were left, how many times you were right. And I would make a prediction that for most right-handed golfers, the short and the right is quite a common thing. For most golfers, that would be their bad shot.

Coming up short is a common thing because golfers either overestimate how far they can hit the ball or they don't strike it as well as they expected. And going to the right is quite a common thing for golfer because they'll have the club face open as a right-handed golfer, which leads them into the short right shots again. Not many times the golfers underestimate how far they hit it and then over-hit the shot, more often than not, golfers are short, not long unless you’ve sort of thinned wedge and it’s gone knifing through the side of the green.

And a lot of golfers they don't understand this until they actually compile these stats. So do this as a three or five or even 10 round example, write down where you missed your greens when you should have been going for green in regulation. Work out the percentages: long, short, left, right. Look at that and then next time you go and play after you've done this, work out, “Well what can I do differently.” If I’m consistently short, if I’ve missed 50% of my greens in regulation short, then I clearly need to react to that and do something different. It might be that I hit the ball harder, but more importantly is probably take an extra club, aim further towards the back of the green. And see if you can improve your greens in regulation by looking at your historical stats and improving from them, and then learning that next time you go out and play so hopefully you can hit more greens in regulation in the future.