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During this section I'm going to talk to you about how you can cure a fat shot and give you drills associated to how you get rid of a fat shot. But firstly, we need to understand what is a fat shot. Sometimes called a heavy shot. Sometimes called a bit of a chunk. Basically, that’s when the golf club would hit the ground before it should, or basically before the golf ball. So taking a divot is a good thing and let me emphasize that. You should be taking divots, particular with your medium to short irons. And the divot should be a small piece of turf taken out maybe half an inch deep. But it has to come from after the golf ball. Any amounts of turf that comes from before the golf ball would dramatically slow the club down before it gets to the golf ball. And that’s what we call a fat shot.

And out in the golf course, you'll see big chunks of turf coming up, flopping over the top of the ball and the ball really not going its full distance. It’s slightly more difficult to determine whether you’re fatting the golf ball on the driving range because clearly with the mat, you can't necessarily see where the club went into the turf. But one thing we can do is listen to the sound. And you'll get a feeling when you get the ball heavy, that the club would slow down and made a really deep thumping noise. And if you get the ball correctly with the right shape and size of debit, there’s just a little bit more of a skimming action and the club doesn't feel like it’s slowing down too much. So if you are prone to fatting the golf ball and hitting the ground before the golf ball, hopefully the next few drills and exercises we'll be able to eradicate that shot from your game.