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Video Transcript

During your set up and during your swing, you’ve got many different parts of the body which need to be aligned correctly. Normally it’s quite easy to work from the ground up, so starting with the toes then the knees then the hips. But for today the thing we really need to be focusing on is the shoulder alignment. Now, normally with a, kind of a standard shot, your target line, which runs from the ball to your target, kind of runs along one line and your body alignment is parallel to that line. So, you start at right angles running off square just to the left of the target. The last thing we want to be doing is aiming our body at the target as well. Always remember that the target line sits parallel to your body line.

Now, with the shoulders its almost like kind of stacking a deck of cards, you want them all lined up together, from the shoulders the hips the knees and the toes. The shoulders have quite a dramatic effect on your swing path. So, if your shoulders are open your swing path should be out to in, and if your shoulders are closed your swing path will be in to out. And that can ultimately affect the ball flight it can affect so many different things within the swing. Now, how do you actually know if your shoulders are aligned correctly?

If you, kind of get yourself set up as though you are about to play a shot, what you want to be seeing is the toes the knees the hips and the shoulders all sitting, all stacking nicely in line. The quickest way, the easiest way for you to check your shoulder alignment is if you get set up and you just take the club and you just rest it across the shoulders. Now, as you can see here, if your shoulders are open you’ll know because if you take the club down and compare it to your hips and your knees and your toes you’ll soon start to see that you are a long way open, exactly the same when you are closed you can compare and contrast very easily. Out on the course, you can just kind of implement it straight into your pre shot routine, straight into your swing.

So, you are on the course, you are over a shot you get yourself set up, whip the club up to the shoulders, make sure everything is in line, then you can re address the ball and clip it away. That easy way for you to check it on the course, it’s a lot easy to check it on a kind of a practice ground when you’ve got a little bit more time. But the shoulder alignment needs to stack on top of the rest of your body, if you’re open, if you’re slightly closed it will change the swing path which will change the overall shot. So just take that extra few moments just to check your shoulder alignment, make sure it’s correct and your success rate with the shots will soar and will achieve.