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Video Transcript

One thing which you can – will hear banded about on the range and on the course is about an on the plain swing. What that basically means is the path and the angle that the club had and the club shaft depended on which one you want to choose, the angle which it travels around the body, both on the back swing and during the down swing. Now what your plain will actually change with is first of all, your height and your body shape, if you’re taller, your back swing plain will tend to be a little bit steeper, if you’re a little bit smaller it will be a little bit more flatter and a little bit more rounded, around the body. But there are a couple of key check points you can actually use to make sure your swing is on plain, pretty much half way through the back swing and then half way kind of through the follow through as well.

Just two key check points out of many you can use, but these are kind of immediate, you’ll be able to use it yourself, you won’t need kind of like the help of a video camera or anything else. Easiest way to do it if you get setup to the ball, just with an iron shot; take it nice and low and wide up to this position here. If you can get the boot end of the club pointing down at the ground and falling along your target line, so they kind of aligned your target traces back to the ball and then I’ll be on it that way, if you can get the butt end of the end of the club pointing down at that line, although not a 100% precise, your back swing will be on a great track back, and it will be on play. Actually through the ball after you stroke, is exactly the same just on the other side, so it’s through, making sure the butt end of the club is pointing down at your target line.

So just to make sure you get a correct kind of swing plain on the way back to there, through impact and then to there, getting the butt end at a club pointing down at your target line. You can hit dozen and dozens of shot slides, it’s just grooving that first part of the swing into that lots and lots of those shots just grooving that on plain back swing and through swing. All you need to do with the actual backswing once you get into that position there is just rotate the shoulders a little bit more and then on the through swing, just turn through to a full finish position. So give that a go that little drill, lots and lots of those kind of half shots and you will soon find your back swing especially the start of it and then the start of your through swing are much more on play.