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Video Transcript

To produce good consistent ball striking throughout your game, there are a lot of different things which need to be present and correct. But just for today, I just want kind of focus on the irons, and show you how to produce the most consistent strikes with the iron clubs. Now it’s not so much rocket science, you just take a little bit of effort and a little bit of thought but the thing you need to do especially with the irons, is just get the hands slightly ahead of the ball at impact. If you can get the hands slightly ahead of the ball at impact, it will show you are striking down and through creating a bit of back spin and bottoming up the club’s arc, just after the ball. It’s this bottoming up of the arc just after the ball, which will produce the most back spin and the most consistent ball striking.

Now a couple of ways you can practice it. The easiest one is just kind of through impact, just a pause, just make sure the hips are turning and the hands are ahead of the ball like this. Another way of practicing it, is just to kind of draw a line or use a range mile like we have here with a line behind the ball and just try and click them away without touching the line. So there’s two definite ways you can kind of go away and practice this. But to make sure that you get the most consistent ball strike and the hands need to be ahead of impact and you need to be striking down and through. One thing which will help in that is if you swing through, obviously getting those hands ahead like we’ve set, is trying to get the sternum a little bit pressed over the ball.

If you lean in too far back with the sternum, you could be kind of tempted to sweep open away and kind of scoop the ball, open to the air. If you get too far ahead all you’ll be doing is just drilling the ball down into the ground. So just have a few swings, hands ahead of the ball, and try to get that sternum kind of pressed down over the top of the ball if we can. And if you can kind of produce the same impact factor so the hands ahead sternum over the ball, hips turning through, that’s the way to get the most consistent ball strike. So give that a go, implement that in to your game and hopefully you’ll see the control especially over your iron shots improve great.