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Video Transcript

One thing many left-handed golfers struggle with is how far they should be away when addressing the ball. So how far the hand should be away from the ball, how far the body should be away from the ball and then vice versa, how far the ball should be away from the body. It becomes a bit of a problem because you’re reaching too far if you’re standing too close, it becomes a center and there’s a strike problem. So you’re not going to be quite connecting with the middle of the club face as often as you should be. Now it’s quite easy to say but it’s not so quite easy to do. But there a couple of key check points that you can use to make sure you are at the right distance away from the ball. The first thing you can do is set up just with your left hand to your bottom hand, you can take that away and you can just try and make sure you can pass it between the butt end of the club and the legs and that there's plenty of room. If it’s too far away it will be able to see because there’ll be too much room, if it’s too close you’ll be banging in just at the butt end of the club head. So what you want to be seeing is just enough room to actually pass the hand through between the legs and the butt end of the club, just like this. So you want to get setting up adjacent to the ball into a nice solid posture position, taking the hand off just waving it underneath and you can see here I’m just clicking, I’m just bouncing off the butt end of the club so not tie a little bit too close so just had you a little bit further away push those hands out a tiny bit further and I’ve just got the room just to wave my hand.

Now the second thing you really need to be making sure which is correct is your posture. You can of work this in conjunction just with our first little check point, as I said again, just in the set up position what you want to be seeing is you shoulders just dropping down just in front of the toes. If they drop down just in front of the toes that means you’ve got a proper spine angle you’re not kind of shunting your hips forward and you’re not just pushing your knees back. If the shoulders just drop over the toes that should mean your posture is correct. Using that in conjunction just with this little drill here you’ll be able to check the right perfect distance away from the ball. Okay.