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Video Transcript

One of the most difficult shot you are likely to face when out on the course is when the ball sits below your feet. Because golf isn’t played on a flat surface there’s lots of humps bumps, hills and mounts all over most golf courses its very unlikely you will find a perfectly flat lie so you need to know how to adapt yourself to different ball position if they are either above or below cycle lies all the different kind of shots that you are going to need, you need to learn how to adapt your body and adapt your swing to match. Now when the ball is below the feet that are one of the most difficult shots because it kind needs a lot of body contortion to address and it also needs a lot of stability through the swing as well. I have kind got a little mount setup here with the ball quite a long way below my feet here and on a normal setup with my posture and my spine angle, I will be here quite a long way above the ball.

So to get down to the level there are a couple of things that I need to change first of all I need a little bit more spine tilt down towards the ball so a little bit more tilt from the hips, as on this kind of lies is very important not just to bend over more and get a very curve spine angle, what you want to be doing is keeping the hips and suits and just tilting over more, keeping the back nice and straight with the knees you can add a little bit more knee flex as well and those two in combination will bring you much kind of level with the ball. Now like I said this takes quite a bit of contortion and address, it takes quite a little bit of stability and a little bit of strength but it’s necessary to hit the correct shorts. Now with this a lie because the balls quite a long way below the feet it will affect the actual swing path and the actual strike on the ball as well. When the ball gets more and more below the feet the face starts to tilt and actually points a little bit to the left of the target. So that means you’ll have to kind of aim a little bit further to the right when you are setting up to make sure you aligned correctly and the shape through the air will be a fade so again you need to kind of adapt your setups and match.

Now with this shot because it’s a difficult one because of the alteration in your setup what you want to do, is just have little bit of a three quarter swing. Don’t go full pace at it just take a little bit more club and just have a three quarter swing, so you can maintain a little bit more control. But like I said this should come out with a little bit of a fade, I have adapted my knee flex and my spine angle just a three quarter swing and it just comes out with a little bit of fade down there. But try and take those points to your game give it ago the next time you are faced with the ball quite along way below the feet and hopefully you will see some much better shots.