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Video Transcript

As you go through out the back from the sand wedge, all the way up to the driver, there are many things which remain the same in the swing. One thing which remains different is the angle of attack that you want to actually producing on the ball. With the sand wedge if you go right to the end of the back, you want to be producing a very steep angle of attack. So you want to be striking down and through taking a after the ball and creating a lot of back spin. You are able to do this because the sand wedge has a lot of loft already built in. So it’s already pointing quite a long way to the sky and if you just come ahead at the ball slightly stiff angle of attack, it will take the loft off, because this already is so high in loft, it will reduce a lot of back spin.

With the driver you don’t quite have that luxury, if you strike down and through on a driver, because there’s less loft, the ball will go very low with very little back spin, and it will just – it won’t kind of produce real kind of high launching shot that we want to be seeing, using the modern drivers. So the way you want to be actually hitting the shot, is to hit up. So sweeping the ball of the very top of the tee and launching it high into the air. Now an easy way to do that is just to alter your set up. So you want to make sure that the ball is quite a long way forward, right inside your right foot here. Just inside your right heel.

Then get a nice strong set up and through the ball rather the bottoming out here, you’ll have to acquire a big sway if you wanted to do that with the set up, rather than hitting down and through, is actually staying behind the ball and hitting up; so really sweeping it off the top of the tee. It’s something that all the best kind of drivers do in the longest drivers do. If you watch any professional – go to any professional tournament, just see how far the ball is – how far the ball is falling and stands and how much it actually hits up and away on the ball. So you get yourself set up, ball just inside the heel, nice big turn, and then try and sweep the ball up in a way off the top of the tee.

Not too bad. So give that a go in your game, get the tee nice and high as well, you don’t want it too low that will make it more difficult to sweep it off the top. So nice and high, probably just half of the ball kind of appearing over the top edge of the club that will help you get underneath and really sweep it off. Then get your set up right, think sweep high, think sweep away during the swing and hopefully the ball will be launching a little bit high for you, going a little bit farther and then obviously increasing your overall distance. But get out and go try that in your games and hopefully you’ll see definite improvement.