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Video Transcript

Because the golf swing has many different moving parts and it’s hard to control everything all at once, getting the swing started in the right manner is extremely important. Now, one of the easiest ways to get your swing started correctly, just to use a little bit of mental imagery and a little bit of, kind of word play just to control your kind of movements. Now thinking that you are taking the club away very slow and very low, is a great way to start your back swing. Now very slow, that’s obviously self-explanatory and very low just refers to how you’re keeping the club very close to the ground on the way back. So, if I was to pick up the club very quickly, it will rise off the ground very quickly and just like be picked up in a very reesty, very hingy back swing.

If I came with the club very slow and very low, it’s a very slow movement away from the ball and it just keeps the club as low to the ground as possible for as long as possible and it’s a nice little way just to start your swing off on the right footing. Now, why do you need to start your swing, say slow and low? The low part just gets you a lot more width in the back swing, and the slow part it just allows you to actually take your time with the back swing. You are not actually hitting any shots with the back swing; you are hitting the shots with the through swings, so you can take your time with the back swing, just to get yourself set in the correct positions. Now, you can think slow and low or you could just do another little bit of word play as well if you just kind of over the ball; the ones that easy is slow and low, so on my way I go slow and I just extend the slow up until about this point here in my mind, obviously I wont shout out when I’m on the course, I’ll be getting a few stares of the members.

So I’ll just slow and low away from the ball and to getting myself set off just on the right footing, so I can really deliver the club to the top of the back swing and then maintain that nice, smooth, rhythm through the ball. But if you are struggling just with your take away and a little bit at a time and just say the words out loud when you practicing and then just say them in your mind when you’re playing, slow and low to the ground. So give that a go, working on the practice, working on the course and I’m sure it will improve your rhythm and then it will improve your striking as well because the two are linked together.