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Video Transcript

One of the most important sequences of movement in the golf swing, is from the top of the back swing, down through impact and then up to a full follow through position. Is this kind of area where, not only is the club travelling at it’s fastest, it also needs to do the most work as far as rotation of the club face is concerned, transfer of weight and actual turning and delivery of power into the ball, so there is a lot of things going on. It’s very hard to kind of work on everything all at one time, but if I just kind of split the movements down and just give you a little bit of a run through, you’ll have a better understanding of what needs to be moving and at what time. So we’ll take for example we kind of had a nice good back swing and the shoulders have turned fully underneath the chin, and the middle of the back is pointing down towards the target.

So rope into that nice full position of the top of the swing, we need to follow kind of a little bit of a sequence coming down and everything needs to be working in the right order, so from the top of the swing, from this position here, I’ll just take my kind of right arm off the clip here so we can kind of see the movements coming down. So in this position here, first of all you want to be getting the feeling that the right hip here and then the left hip here start to turn towards the target. As they start to turn, the hands and the arms begin to drop. What you don’t want to be doing, the last thing you want to be doing is getting the hands and the arms moving fast before the hips that generally throw the swing from out to in, cutting across or in worse cases a slice, rather than a fade. So from the top of the swing the hips start to turn, then the hands drop into place and a pull through as the hips begin to turn and the weight begins to just transfer over to the front foot, so this right leg – the knee should start to kind of straighten up as the hips come through as well.

So it’s down and through, hips turning, hands dropping into place and an impact we want to the hands just to be ahead of the ball. From that position there, we extend down towards the target, up on to the back toe with the weight just over our front foot, so it’s quite and intricate and quite a complicated kind of sequence of body movements, so you actually need to complete a successful transition from the top of the kind of back swing to the end of the follow through. But you can just break those down individually if you like and work on them piece by piece by piece. So we are getting setup, top of the back swing, then the hips turn and everything just falls into place into the right sequence. It’s snot easy to get it first but if you break it down, just take it one step at a time and then after a bit of practice hopefully you’ll be out to put all the different pieces together and really get a fantastic down swing all the way up to a good follow through position.