Hitting topped shots on the golf course is never a fun experience. You may have to listen to a few jokes from your playing partners, and your score will suffer as well. Fortunately, you should be able to get rid of the ground balls by working on a few different fundamentals in your swing. With the proper amount of practice time, and a healthy dose of confidence, you may be able to say goodbye to topped shots permanently.

Golf Topped Shot Tips Lesson Chart

Fixing Your Balance To Avoid Golf Topped Shots
Rotate Dont Dip To Improve Your Topped Golf Shots
Topped Golf Shots – Causes And Cures
Fix Your Golf Ball Position To Improve On Your Topped Shots
The Cause of Topped Golf Shots and How Women Golfers can Cure this Problem
Causes and Cures topped golf shots and ground balls
Causes Of Topped Golf Shots (Video) – by Pete Styles
Engaging Your Whole Body To Avoid Golf Topped Shots

Rotate To Improve Your Topped Shots
How Senior Golfers can Stop Hitting Topped Golf Shots
Beginner Golf Tip: What Causes Topped and Fat Shots?
Better Pre-Shot Routine To Improve On Golf Topped Shots
Better Rhythm To Improve Your Topped Golf Shots
Building Confidence To Avoid Golf Topped Shots

How Can I Stop Topped Golf Shots?