Thomas Golf I'm really not one to take the time and write a review, but I recently purchased a 9 hybrid chipper from your website. The order process was quick and painless, not to mention customer service emailed my back a few times on a question and than called me to confirm they understood what

I was requesting. Outstanding service. Now lets talk about the hybrid chipper. I currently hold a 8 handicap, but recently have been having trouble around the green “chipping”. I have only had about an hour on the chipping green and two rounds with this chipper.

The only thing I can say is “AMAZING”. The club is so easy to hit online, miss hits still get the ball moving and on target. My second round with this chipper was a Golf Channel AM Tour event, and mainly to the chippers credit, I won by five strokes.

The club was originally purchased for around the green, but it performs just as well from 40+ yards out. It has changed the way I think from 40+ yards in. Manufactures talk about this club or that club saving you 2 to 4 strokes a round. Your club will provide those results for me, and higher handicap golfers should get even more, instantly. Already referred a few friends to you, and thanks for a great club. Wallace



Thank You,

Wallace S