Thomas Golf Driver and Fairway Woods Plus High Lofted Woods

I would just like to comment on my recent purchase of your Men's AT460-TO Titanium Driver 10.5° with offset hosel. I used it for the first time today, and I must state that off the 5 drivers (all with some kind of gimmick) (i.e. 640cc, armor piercing material on the face of the club, adjustable weights. etc. etc.) that I purchased in the past year, I must honestly compliment the craftsmanship, quality, and design of your club. FINALLY, I found a driver that 1- hits straight, 2- very lightweight and easy to swing, and 3- not overpriced like these “big name in golf” brands. I have finally achieved my first 300+ yd drive, IN THE AIR, not counting roll, and was extremely impressed by me being on the fringe of a 335yd par 4. I would like to thank you again for such an outstanding club and design such as this, I have never in my life ever complimented any company for their product, so this is a first for me. I had to re-adjust my whole game and club selection now due to the added yardage of my drives. I had your entire set of woods, 3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19,21,23,25 so of course I had to complete it with your driver, and with your entire set in my bag (which is also yours) except the putter, I am finally looking forward to going out and knowing I can compete and impress my partners with some wonderful shots which I know I couldn't do with other clubs I had. I hope this isn't too long, but for the record, I was absolutely impressed and amazed by the ease of use of your higher degree (21w, 23w, and 25w) especially from the sand. so much easier to use than my sand wedge, sorry my wedges PW, SW, GW, and LW are also from your 505 series which I now replaced with the woods. I kept the LW though, until you guys can somehow come up with a 60 degree wood :) once again, thanks for the great innovation and design of all your clubs.