Thomas Golf AT 510 Irons Review


This letter is going to be a bit long, so I hope you don't mind my taking up your time, but I just have to write to you about your clubs.

I am retired and will be 69 this December. After surviving a very long and serious illness I am finally in full function mode once again and I decided to get back into the swing of things. My almost 40 year old Wilson Sam Snead irons, while still in good condition, just were not doing the job for me any longer. I didn't have the precise dime spot accurate swing that they required and I was not happy with my accuracy as there was just too much drifting of my shots.

The pro shop at my local golf course sells Callaway clubs and the pro suggested that I try out the irons at their range. I borrowed a demo Callaway 6 iron and really liked it! With the Callaway I was hitting very nice 155 yard shots to the target. When I switchd back to my Wilson 6 iron, my shots were even worse than before! I had gotten used to the Callaway in one session.

I bet you know the rest, I started pricing out the Callaways and although I really loved them, the tarrif was just very high at 700-800 dollars for an iron set. I checked out the less expensive lines, but just had this feeling that they would not give me the performance and quality I was looking for. I came across your web site as a link from a site. I visited your web site a number of times over the last couple of weeks and watched your video explaining the system of aiming that you recommended. I also got the feeling that you were manufacturing quality custom equipment, but keeping the price down by direct marketing to the customer.

I finally decided to fill out your on-line questionaire about my experiences with golf and made that critical wrist to floor measurement. In a very short time I received the recommendation that your representative, Sal, made for me. He recommended the model AT 510 model irons with steel shafts. Those were exactly the shafts I figured I would want to get!

I placed my order on Saturday, July 15th. I decided on the 4-PW iron set, plus the sand wedge and the AT20 putter. The total was $479.00 and that included shipping. That is far less than what the Callaways would have cost me.

Now came that sinking feeling that you get when ordering sight-unseen from a company that you have not dealt with in the past. I just had to go on faith that everything would be OK. Well the clubs arrived today, Thursday 7/20 and I was very happy with the quality of the packing. Each clubhead had been wrapped in bubblewrap and to tell you the truth, they looked great! As soon as I had them all unwrapped and placed in my bag I headed out to the range. Today was not a good day for me as my right hip was hurting from some morning exercises I had done, the weather was iffy with spots of rain and wind gusts from a tropical storm coming up the coast, and the humidity was very heavy.

At the driving range it took a bit of adjustment to use your aiming system and frankly I still haven't gotten fully adjusted so there were a few missed shots. I only worked with the 6 iron today and the majority of the hits were EXACTLY the same distance as I got with the Callaway X-18 and the accuracy of the AT510 was even better. Your clubs had a very good feel to them and they let me know when I was right on or a little off. A little “fat” and the club let me know, almost saying “Come on, you can do better!”, but the shot still had a decent carry.

In a word, I LOVE your clubs. I'm looking forward to getting back out of the range and getting fully in the groove with them and I am looking at a great fall golfing season, thanks to your company.