Thomas Golf AT 505 Irons Review

Hi guys,

I wanted to thank you sooo much for your clubs!!!

I'm a very high handicapper (I started playing couple of years ago) and I was really looking for something good that could really improve my game without killing my finances.

I bought the all series of irons AT 505 and the AT 40 putter with the specification you suggested, honestly at the begin it was a little bit frustrating because I had to readjust to the new clubs the aiming line etc. but after couple of months, believe it or not, I was able to shave 25 strokes, shooting around 115-120.

Not only the long game improved but the short game ( which is really what make you score low) has been boosted up, the ball now goes (almost all the time!!) where I want with the precision I desire and my scores are lowering further.

Your clubs helped me to feel more confident on the golf course, and now I can control the direction of the ball much better and much easier and when I can't is almost always because I'm in a hurry and forget to aim like you suggest.

Thank you a lot again and I will definitely suggest your clubs to everybody because they are really wonderful, and the customer care service is incredibly fast and efficient.

Great work and keep it up