Thomas Golf Hybrid Golf Club Paul W's Review

First, I want to thank you for you flexibility and customer service. I really appreciate your fast turn around and advice.

I now have two Thomas woods, a hybrid club, two wedges and 6,7, and 8 irons. I recently decided to take up the game again and am now in my late 60s. I wanted to build a set designed around how I play. I am very pleased with the 5 hybrid and one thing I really like is since it replaces a 5 iron it is called a 5. Why don't all makers label them like that?

I was put off in the stores because sets are sets. I have no earthly use for a 4 iron let alone a 3. Why pay for it. Also I like my wedges in steel and my irons in carbon shafts. Try that with a set.

I love the line on the top of the clubs. Makes alignment and aiming a lot easier. Also, something about that flat top seems to make the ball spring better.

I am really pleased with the way these launch the ball. High and long. I can work the 6 and 7 a little but the the shorter clubs are just dead straight.

Nice going and a great design.