Thomas Golf AT 510 Irons Review

To Thomas Golf:

I have been the happy recipient of Thomas Golf clubs for 1 month now. I cannot tell you how pleased I am with your product. As you know, I am a single axis golfer and asked your company to configure clubs for my type of swing and 6'3″ height. The clubs you sent me were outstanding in appearance and craftsmanship. I could not wait to get on the range and use them to improve my golf game. I was not disappointed. The alignment mechanism of your clubs helped me identify errors in my set-up and grip of the club. I could now see if my feet were properly set as well, based on the direction that the club head went through the impact zone, when compared to my intended target line. Because of this innovation, literally at my finger tips, my shots have been dead straight, and easily repeatable. When they are not, I know it is because I did not maintain my swing plane from the address and back through the impact position, or because my grip was wrong and the club head did not strike the golf ball square. Because both of these flaws are so easily recognized, adjustments can be made immediately by me with no substantive guesswork. This allows my next shot attempt to be correct, and straight, as one intended it to be.

Thanks so much. As I grow with my golf game, I know that my success will be because of your terrific product. You have literally enhanced my potential to lower my handicap and make improvements in my game. Finally, my only question–does Thomas Golf maintain my measurements for club fitting so that I may purchase additional clubs in the future? Please tell me you do because I see myself buying more of your clubs as I improve at this wonderful game of golf. Once again, thank you so very much.

Take care and Godspeed,