John's Thomas Golf Hybrid Club Review – Customer Care,

Hi, just wanted to comment on the hybrids I recently purchased from you. Firstly, excellent service and clubs arrived promptly to Australia. I was surprised by the quality and high standard of finish. The clubs looked and felt great. The main reason I ordered the hybrid clubs is that I have difficulty hitting irons. I just don't feel comfortable ruining a perfectly good piece of fairway grass to simply launch a ball through the air! The main area I was having difficulty was 130 meters in to the green. When my clubs arrived (PW, 9,8,7,6) my handicap was 19. In just one month I have shaved 4 shots off my handicap and it is now 15. In my last game (stableford) I played to my handicap and still had three scrubs! I am a 54 years old male golfer and have been playing six years. My aim is to get to twelve and into A grade. Thanks for helping me move towards this goal and making my game so much more enjoyable.

Thank You,